The Sound of Silence


By EjB


Once, there was no sound continually happening, there was Silence.

The only sounds heard were the sounds of everyday living – vehicles with motors humming, exhausts back-firing, brakes squealing, horns honking and tyres spinning.  People made many different sounds – talking, singing, screaming, yelling, whispering, shouting and swearing.  Everything we do, see and use has a sound.  Like trees swaying in the breeze or falling down in a heap, birds singing and cooing, dogs calling and barking for attention, cats squealing in the night looking for a mate, frogs communicating with each other.  There are a lot of other sounds now heard that are hard to locate –like in a room full of machinery or the like, all buzzing or humming away, sounding the same and creating a combined orchestral type of sound.  These sounds come and go and are not constant.

So many sounds, but thankfully, they are the “noises” that can be identified and understood.  However, there is one annoying sound that can eventually make a permanent home inside the ear-drum.  It has no identity and cannot be removed.  It will create a lot of anguish for those so inflicted.  The sound has to be tolerated, there is no cure, and it will invade many people’s hearing.  The hearing system is fragile and can become damaged through natural sounds being too loud.  A continuous buzz will develop which will become a normal consequence and never go away.  This Sound of Silence is known as Tinnitus.



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