Life with Nanny


By Christine Watson


Life as a grandmother is so empowering.

Watching each individual personality emerge and blossom into a thinking entity.

Six….yes six….grand children………

“Who’da thought….back in 1972 when I married their grandfather…..


Their strength is invigorating. How they think is inspiring and enlightening.

What and why they think can be amusing.

For example, while walking along our usual walking path 8 year old asks:

“When will you die Nanny?”

“I don’t know Ari.”

“Will we still walk?”

“Yes Ari, you will still walk.”

Hence my arm bears the tattoo:  “You’ll never walk alone.”


Same age sibling, on receiving news that Nanny is coming to stay for a holiday.

“I want Nanny to sleep with me….I like the smell of old people.”

I gather she likes the smell of my perfume.

I haven’t had an inspiring idea yet for a related tattoo regarding this observation on Life with Nanny.”


The joys…….


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