Let It Be What You Want



By Eileen J Boyd


In the Window of the Night

A Blossom forms and comes into sight.

It matures, not in its head,

But lingers long and, instead,

Rises beyond the imagination

That protects its germination.

Into the mist it swiftly travels,

As the grasping vine unravels,

Taking with it a sense of will,

When over the cliff it will spill

And cascade into the deep

Of the ravine that is asleep.

Then with anguish the chasm will awaken,

Since the desire for sleep is forsaken.

It will welcome the foreign invader,

That is not an itinerant trader.

It’s a living, loving creature

That will, one day, be a feature

In a picture on a wall

To be viewed by one and all.


Tamworth   11.11.2018

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