Duc Tape n’ Zip Ties



By Christine Watson


Streets are pretty mellow

Crowd has all gone home

Clean up time is imminent

We’re in the ‘wind-down zone


Frenzy of excitement, t’was a full-on crazy ride

We accept that it is over, shouts of laughter now subside

Apply the brakes, subdue the air, as we cross the finish line

Winners are delighted, more stars will rise n’ shine


Hits n’ hats – boots n’ booze

Still singin’ n ‘ dancin’ with little left to lose

Duc tape n’zip ties ….. once holding all in place

Broken, forgotten n’ discarded, now trampled in disgrace



All back to normal

Life functions once again

Down to everyday business

Happy memories still remain


Roll on life ….. roll on …….


Music Festival Tamworth

Jan 2018



Image:  Robin King

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