Country Pub

 BY Kerry fair


A moment …

framed by French doors

abstract, muted land

edged in metal lace.


Memory smiles …

another balcony

another hot, dusty street

small me looking down

waiting for something to happen …

waiting for life to begin.

































The songs of the humpback gradually drifted away and the boat picked up speed,


turned around then headed for the harbour. We passed Fraser Island, the world’s


largest sand island and listed as a world heritage site.


The wind was becoming stronger and the sea more choppy. This wonderful day


was coming to an end.


I understood now, why some people have taken seriously the need to protect these


charismatic creatures of the sea from indiscriminate hunting.


We all left the boat with a greater awareness and respect for the humpback whale


and it’s right to share the planet with us.


I will be back next October to visit the humpback whales because I am captivated by


their magic.



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